Our interest in graveyard cars is a natural outgrowth of a nearly lifelong fascination with old automobiles, and the metal that dresses them. We are intrigued by those transformations that occur when metal slips into rust. So, it was profoundly exciting when, on a peaceful drive through the rolling hills of North Carolina’s Piedmont, we discovered a unique version of America’s auto graveyard. Standing before us was American Graffiti in its final resting place — metallic history, in the form of pre-1970s cars.

Through such abandoned and neglected cars, a new perspective on nature’s work reveals itself; rust merging with layers of paint peeling away under the discords of weather and time. Something magical seems to occur in the slow reaction caused by elements in the air, and the heat and radiation of the sun, when they polarize decaying metal into unpredictable patterns.

What captures our imagination is how nature is able to blend colors and forms through a process most describe as “decay.” Yet, what we observe is the transformation of these vehicles into a new form of life; a metamorphosis that possesses both significance and beauty. Indeed, the photographs, whether of fenders, doors, or metal strips, become a way to recall the stories of people’s pasts.

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